Camera Bag Manufacturers


The Lowepro brand was founded 40 years ago out of a garage in Colorado. Lowepro has since grown into one of the most recognizable brand names in photography thanks to their impressive line of quality camera bags. Citing their progressive design scheme as an obsession, Lowepro continually improves on the performance of their camera bags as well as their commitment to sound environmental practices. Lowepro camera bags feature enhanced comfort, accessibility, durability, protection, and technology.

The Lowepro line of camera bags includes:

    • backpacks

    • shoulder bags

    • sling bags

    • camera pouches

    • rolling cases

    • belt packs

Lowepro offers its camera bags in hard and soft shells, as well as notebook cases and a variety of top-loading holster bags.



The Tamrac brand was founded in 1977 by a group of active nature photographers based in California. The Tamrac group began by designing camera bags specialized to suit the needs of both amateur and professional photographers shooting in the great outdoors. Camera bags that are tough, light, and provide easy access to gear are the core aspects of Tamrac camera bags. The founders of Tamrac chose the brand's name as an icon of the rugged nature of active, outdoor photography.

Tamrac carries the widest variety of quality camera bags available on the market. The Tamrac line of camera bags includes:

    • hip packs

    • rolling bags

    • holster bags

    • backpacks

    • daypacks

    • Velocity series sling bags

    • shoulder “pro” bags in a range of sizes

Tamrac also sells photo vests, computer bags, video cases, photo belt straps, portable accessory systems, and tripod bags.

Tamrac features an upscale Express series, the sleek Aero series, products Made in the USA, and the new Ultra Pro series of camera bags.


M-ROCK Camera Bags

M-Rock is a Florida based company who has been making camera bags since 1995. Their goal is to make user friendly and functional camera bags, while using top notch materials and construction to assure quality. All M-Rock bags come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The wide range of M-Rock products includes:

    • Mini Point and Shoot Bags

    • Camera Bags with Laptop Pockets

    • Lens bags

    • Top load SLR Bags

    • Square SLR Bags

    • Roller Bags

    • Camera Backpacks

    • Camera Slingpacks

    • Modular lens and accessory bags

    • Filter Pouches

    • Compact Camera Bags


Naneu Camera Bags

Naneu is a camera, laptop, and portable audio/video case and bag company based in Orlando, Florida. Naneu was founded in 1999 to offer an alternative to professional and amateur photographers alike, providing products that balance quality with affordability. Naneu features a variety of product lines for the active photographer including Adventure, Sahara, Correspondent, and Urban Gear. Naneu's design philosophy is to craft camera bags that are stylish, durable, and inexpensive.

Naneu camera bags are offered via distinct lines. These lines include:

    • Adventure series features large, rugged camera backpacks to carry multiple cameras, accessories, and notebook computers.

    • Urban Gear compact camera backpacks, capable of carrying an SLR camera along with multiple lenses and accessories.

    • Military Gear backpacks, shoulder bags, and sling bags designed to minimize the risk of damage or theft with durable materials and a sleek, stealthy look.

    • Military Tech messenger-style notebook computer bags

    • Sahara shoulder bags and backpacks made from waterproof material and featuring roomy, tough compartments for notebook computers, multiple cameras, and accessories.

    • Correspondent series camera holster bags, belt packs, and shoulder bags heighten portability and access.


Think Tank Photo

Think Tank Photo is a camera bag brand founded in 2005 by two designers and two photographers, one of whom is a Pulitzer Prize winner. Pairing cutting-edge inventions with feedback from professional photographers, the product lines developed by Think Tank Photo represent the synergy between innovative design and practical function. The stated goal of Think Tank Photo is to support photographers doing their job by helping them to travel easier, work faster, and organize their gear more efficiently.

The products on offer from Think Tank Photo include:

    • rolling camera bags

    • camera backpacks

    • shoulder camera bags

    • camera belt packs

    • holster camera bags

    • camera belts

    • camera bag accessories

Think Tank Photo also produces laptop bags, multimedia video bags, tripod cases, modular component systems, and camera rain covers. Some of Think Tank Photo's most popular products are those designed for quick access and enhanced protection, such as the Lightning Fast™ flash cover and the Speed Demon™ belt pack.


Crumpler USA

Crumpler USA is a Brooklyn, NY based camera bag brand offering urban styled camera bags in unique shapes and prints. From pouches to roller bags, Crumpler has a bag to suit your need, designed with the photographer in mind.

Crumpler's distinctive photo bag products include:

    • Backpacks like the Customary Barge, a roomy, fashionable camera backpack available in multiple color schemes

    • Camera pouches, such as the compact Bundle

    • Messenger bags, shoulder bags, and sling bags for photography in a variety of color schemes, fabric prints, each with its own unique identity and intended use

Crumpler also produces bike messenger bags, notebook computer bags, luggage, and accessories.



Tenba is a camera bag brand serving the adventurous urban photographer. The product lines on offer from Tenba feature sleek, stylish camera bags in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Professionals and amateurs alike enjoy Tenba bags for their exquisitely tailored, stylishly colored designs and rugged construction.

Tenba product collections include:

    • Black Label satchels and shoulder bags with sculpted curves, meticulous tailoring details, and rugged construction

    • Messenger series bags in a variety of stylish colors, made for speed, versatility, and stealth

    • Mixx series daypacks, pouches, shoulder bags, and holsters that are light weight, tough, and efficient

    • Presentation series satchels  and briefcase bags, highly specialized protection for carrying prints and portfolios

    • Roadies series roller bags for secure transportation of large gear supplies

    • Shootout series is a comprehensive series of sling bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, and belt packs intended for serious outdoor photography with weather treatment and extremely durable construction

    • Skooba series camera bags, backpacks, and notebook computer cases to enhance air travel needs and security

    • Transport series maximum protection cases


Tenba also produces specialized accessory packs, tripod cases, and several other bags and cases for the photographer on the go.



Conceived, designed, and made in the UK, Billingham bags reflect an English preoccupation with excellence and attention to detail. Formed in 1973, the M Billingham & Co began as a family business constructing craftsman quality outdoor bags and daypacks for hiking and fishing enthusiasts in the hilly heart of the Black Country, in the British Midlands. When the owner, Martin Billingham, realized that his fishing bags were being used by New York photographers, Billingham changed the focus of his design and construction to camera bags. Billingham now serves thousands of customers globally.

Billingham bags are designed around the idea that a camera bag is as essential a tool for the photographer as the camera. The bags and collections on offer from Billingham reflect this notion. Billingham camera bags presently available include:

    • The Classic 550, touted as the first soft camera bag manufactured in Britain.

    • 5 series shoulder bags in a variey of sizes, all constructed from khaki canvas and rich brown leather

    • Hadley range of versatile camera satchels in several sizes, from large to a compact digital bag

    • Packington large tote, roomy enough for cameras, accessories, notebook computers, and lenses.

    • Delta pocket camera sleeve and Leica end pouch

All Billiingham bags are constructed from khaki canvas and rich brown leather with brass trim and fittings.



For over thirty years, Domke has been providing street-smart, professional camera bags and accessories for photographers of all stripes. According to Domke founder, Jim Domke, his first Shooter's Bag was designed to solve the problem of accessibility, protection, and ease of use when he was a staff photographer at the Philadelphia Inquirer. What began as an experiment in camera bag design has grown over the years to become a line of intelligently designed, practically executed camera bags and accessories serving professionals and amateur photographers alike.

Domke American-made camera bags on offer include:

    • backpacks

    • ballistic camera bags

    • classic camera bags

    • RuggedWear compact, shoulder, and belt-pack camera bags for enhanced protection of your gear

    • classic Shooter's Bag, the original Domke design

Domke also provides several camera bag accessories and photo wear.



The beginnings of the KATA brand can be traced back to the meeting of its founders during their service in an elite combat unit. Their familiarity with sophisticated military equipment translated into research and development that led to the founding of KATA, a brand based on advanced solutions for audio and video protection and portability. KATA products are subjected to rigorous testing, offering cutting edge technology along with unmatched reliability.

The products on offer from KATA include:

    • Digital SLR bags

    • Video SLR bags

    • Advanced point & shoot bags

    • Medium format bags

    • Photo lighting bags

    • Production and accessory bags

    • Support bags

    • Laptop bags

    • Netbook bags

The photo bags on offer from KATA include:

    • backpacks

    • shoulder bags

    • sling bags

    • holsters

    • belt packs

    • rolling bags

    • pouches & sleeves

    • accessory bags



Jenova brand bags are based out of Hong Kong, with an established history of 20 years specializing in camera and video bags. Now, with over 150 models of camera and video bags to its name, the Jenova brand of camera bags looks to expand with even more research, development, and production facilities in Hong Kong and abroad. There is a Jenova brand bag available to suit any amateur or professional photographer's needs, and with consumer Best Buy rewards, Jenova offers one of the best values for photographers seeking an accessible portable protection solution.

The camera bags on offer from Jenova includes:

    • Royal series shoulder bags and satchels with a professional look and durable construction

    • Pro Traveller series holsters and messenger bags with a sporty look and compact feel

    • Nevada series rugged messenger bags

    • SLR Class series SLR holsters, sleeves, and satchels with a slim profile and stylish colors

    • Pro Trolley series camera cargo bags for hauling loads of gear

    • California series top-loading shoulder bags

    • Colorado series camera backpacks

In addition to camera bags, Jenova also manufactures bags for camera tripods and accessories, outdoor bags, laptop cases, and fashion belts.


Kiesel Bags

Kiesel Bags is a camera bag manufacturer committed to providing secure, innovative solutions for amateur and professional photographers. Kiesel Bags is based in San Diego, California, and was established in 2001.

The variety of camera bags on offer from Kiesel Bags includes:

    • Professional style top-loading camera shoulder bags

    • Backpack style camera bags with room for multiple cameras as well as lenses and accessories

    • Messenger style camera bags

    • Shoulder style camera bags in a variety of sizes

    • Pouch style camera pouches and camera sleeves

    • Canvas style top-loading camera bags

    • Luggage carts and memory wallets